Watch A Woman Pull A Gun On The Asshole Riders Who Attacked A Driver

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These guys are everything that’s wrong with motorcyclists, and they’re why people hate us.


This video was posted to the YouTube account of a user called DankWheelie, and there is almost zero information as to the context of the incident or anything that’s come from it. The beginning of the video and the description both claim that DankWheelie was not involved in the incident and is merely sharing the video. I could find no news stories to document what happened, or if any charges resulted from it.

Judging by the palm trees and church bus from Georgia, my money is that this took place in Florida, where nothing crazy ever happens.

We first see the BMW involved at the 0:31 mark. His behavior could be taken lots of different ways, and my first thought was that it looked as if the driver was trying to get in the way of the motorcyclists. But then I thought about his demeanor and his lack of aggression when he first confronted the riders.

It’s far more likely that he was going to move into the left lane, saw the bike with the video camera approaching quickly, and tried to get back in his lane. The other bike went right in an attempt to react to the car going left and took the car’s moving left as an insult, which is why he punched at his mirror.

The car then sped up to keep up with the riders, confronting them once they were all stopped at a light. As you can see from the video, he is not aggressive at first, and is merely asking the riders to stay on the scene. It isn’t until one of them goes to get back on his bike that he tries to obstruct their exit.

This is where things really take a turn for the worse. Another rider gets involved, gang mentality sets in, and punches are thrown.

After seeing the BMW driver assaulted, a female passenger (possibly his wife or significant other) pops out of the car and points a handgun at the motorcyclists, at which point the rider filming decides it’s time to get the hell out of dodge. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it looks like she has no idea what she’s doing.


It’s impossible to know whether this woman was lawfully carrying that gun, but it’s hard to blame her actions regardless. My stance is that guns are rarely the solution, but I’m glad her man didn’t get hurt worse.

I want to stress one thing: these guys aren’t motorcyclists, they’re assholes on motorcycles. And there’s absolutely a difference.


Drivers out there, I’m sorry some of the people who love the things I do are also assholes. But maybe just take a photo of a license plate and call the police. Don’t put yourself in positions like this or try to be a hero, because these guys told you early that they were aggressive pricks, and there really wasn’t a way this was going to turn around.

Motorcyclists out there—don’t be assholes.

Sean MacDonald is the editor of Lanesplitter.


You know, when I’m in my cage and I see somebody on a sportbike hauling ass up to me about to pass me, despite the fact lanesplitting is illegal where I live, and it still annoys me they are driving like a douche, I don’t try to block them or start trouble like an asshole. Why is this so hard for people? What part of somebody passing them ruins their life so much that they have to act like they live in Mad Max?