Watch A LaFerrari Go Against A KTM Super Duke In An Epic Tug-Of-War

For some insane reason, some brilliant mastermind decided to take a 180 horsepower, 400 pound superbike and pit it against a 950 horsepower, 3,500 pound hypercar in the most redneck automotive spectacle ever devised: a tug-of-war.


Usually tug-of-wars are reserved for redneck pickups in Walmart parking lots or farmers’ fields, and not for high-end European super-machines in the front drive of a giant mansion. Also, usually competitors in tug-of-wars have the same number of wheels.

So this one between a LaFerrari and a KTM 1290 Super Duke R is not your typical tug-of-war. It’s much better.

What surprised me most is that the LaFerrari didn’t just yank the bike and catapult it into another hemisphere. Instead, the lightweight KTM somehow put up a good fight despite its 3,000 pound and 770 horsepower disadvantage.

Still, the Ferrari came out on top—like we all expected. The question is: did the Italian Supercar send the KTM into the drink?

(Hopefully, because we are all filled with jealousy and rage that we did not get to do this instead. JEALOUSY and RAGE.)

h/t: TaxTheRich

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The most interesting part of that was a LaFerrari with a tow hitch. Can we get more details on why there is a LaFerrari with a tow hitch?