Witness The Most 'Murican Motorsport There Is: Truck Tug-Of-War

I can't make any more sense of this speculate than Whitesnake lyrics, but it sure looks like these boys were in it to win it at Daisy Duke's Truck Show. I ain't wasting no more time: watch some trucks try to tear each other apart. » 10/29/14 6:24pm 10/29/14 6:24pm

Now This Is How You Blow An Engine

Step 1: Start a truck tug of war. Step 2: Redline your engine and dump the clutch. Step 3: Sit back and watch your engine shatter and burst into flames. » 10/01/13 1:00pm 10/01/13 1:00pm

Watch A Diesel Volkswagen SUV Obliterate A Chevy Truck In A Tug-Of-War

Man, it's been a rough couple of weeks for Chevy trucks. First one gets publicly humiliated by a Dodge truck in a tug-of-war that was probably allowed to go on too long, and now another one gets soundly trumped by some German engineering. » 12/31/12 10:00am 12/31/12 10:00am

Watch A Dodge Ram Drag A Chevy Truck Around The Block In Mental…

Here we see a Dodge drag a Chevy truck around the block in some righteous parking lot tug of war. There is screaming. There is big truck power. There is everything that's right with the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. » 12/17/12 1:00pm 12/17/12 1:00pm

There’s A Reason Why You Shouldn’t Watch Automotive Tug-Of-War

We love when cars get down in some tug-of-war action. It's stupid and dangerous, but it looks cool. However, even watching a tug-of-war in person can be surprisingly dangerous. » 11/28/12 1:00pm 11/28/12 1:00pm

Evo Vs. Mazda Tug Of War: Fight!

We have already expressed our undying love for automotive tugs of war. This one between a Mitsubishi Evo VII and a totally rad Mazda Familia GT-R is just as awesome as we'd hoped. » 10/16/12 1:00pm 10/16/12 1:00pm

Ford destroys Chevy in epic game of truck tug o' war

Owners of Ford and Chevy trucks have spent at least 300 years fighting over who builds the best hauler. We may have a definitive answer in the form of this awesome brown Ford truck literally tearing his friend's Chevy limb-from-limb until the frame is ripped from the suspension and the whole thing flips over. » 8/16/11 4:00pm 8/16/11 4:00pm