Red Bull holds the record for the fastest F1 pit stop at a barely-believable 2.05 seconds. Here's what that kind of stop looks like in real time, and below is what that looks like in gloriously detailed slow-mo.

There are two factors that make Formula One pit stops so much faster than any other pit stop in the motorsports world.

1) F1 cars aren't allowed to refuel in pit stops

2) F1 teams can have big crews of people to change all four tires at once. Other motorsports limit the number of people allowed near a car in the pits, slowing down the stops in Nascar and sports car racing. Not that Nascar pit stops aren't awesome.


What this means for F1 teams, though, is they have to absolutely coordinate a large team of people into a perfect choreography. The wheelmen are already moving in to change the tires before the car has even come to a halt, for instance.


It's this kind of precision timing (and hundreds of practice sessions like this one) that will have F1 teams breaking the two second mark any race now.

(Hat tip to McNewbie!)