The talk of the Malaysian Grand Prix ended up being how Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders overtook Red Bull teammate Mark Webber for the lead and win. But Red Bull accomplished something even more significant during that race: They changed four tires on Webber's car in 2.05 seconds. Holy shit balls.


Teams practice pit stops incessantly before a race. Like, all the time. It used to be that refueling was the longest part of a pit stop, so the tires only needed to be changed as fast as it took to fuel the car.

When in-race refueling was banned in 2010, teams placed an insane focus on getting tires changed as quickly as possible. First stops hit three seconds, then 2.5.

Last season, McLaren got all four tires changed in 2.3 seconds for Jenson Button at the German Grand Prix. Well, Red Bull got the tires changed on Webber's second pit stop in 2.05 seconds in Malaysia. That's redonkudifferous, which isn't close to being an actual word.


And I don't think that's the end. People have been talking about the mystical sub-two second pit stop. I bet it happens this season.