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Tesla needs a contract driver to shake down models for new customers in Britain. Assuming he knows Excel, we hear Ben Collins has some spare time.


Here's the job description for those in reach of Wymondham, Norfolk:

Based at the Pre Delivery Inspection location, this position will be responsible for assisting in the evaluation of vehicle performance and readiness as part of the vehicle checks before delivery to the customer. This will include assisting technicians in the review of the performance and the role is best suited to either an individual with experience of professionally driving performance vehicles or alternatively the technical maintenance of vehicles at the luxury end of the market.

· Performs an expanded validation test
· Performs actions / drives as part of quality process
· Reports and records data within specified systems
· Must have excellent attention to detail
· Must have excellent driving record
· Experience using Excel and other database systems.
· Excellent written / verbal communication skills
· Team player / Collaborator

This role is for an initial 3 month fixed term contract. However, it is highly likely to continue from there.

The successful candidate must have a full, clean UK driving license and never previously had their license suspended.


(H/T to jip1080!) [Photo Iain Farrell/Flickr]

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