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Video Shows Transformers 3 Skull-Slicing Accident

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Video of the Transformers 3 accident that put extra Gabriela Cedillo in a coma was leaked to RadarOnline. The footage shows Cedillo's car being pulled along a barrier, but does it contradict the studio's claim she wasn't in the shoot?


Gabriela Cedillo was working as an extra on one of the final shoots for Michael Bay's Transformers 3 in Hammond, Indiana. It was her first time on a film set and, in addition to the minimum wage she was paid, she got $25 to use her own car (referred to both as a 2006 Nissan and a 2006 Toyota). During the shooting last week something went wrong and a cable struck Cedillo, slicing into her skull and dragging her car down the set.

Questions have centered on whether she was just driving around the set or was actively involved in the shooting of the scene when she was struck. Paramount contends she wasn't part of the stunt shoot (she has no stunt training), but witnesses and police say otherwise.


It's difficult to determine from the video what happens. We see a white Nissan Altima spinning and then see two cars being pulled along the road. The movement of cars does seem to start with someone counting down "2... 1..." to cue the start of the action.

What is clear from the video is the police immediately treat the accident as a crime scene, with a crew member announcing over the radio that "FYI, per request of the police department everything involving this gag is officially impounded, You are not to remove equipment, you are not to touch equipment... The trucks, the rigs, all of the wire, anything."

If there is a criminal investigation or lawsuit, Paramount will have to explain how their denial of her involvement in this particular scene matches up with the events outlined in this video. Cedillo, for her part, is still in a coma, but doctors are hopeful her sleep movement is a sign she's improving. [RadarOnline]