China Car Times is reporting that vehicle sales in China were off 18% in July, compared to June. Big winners were General Motors' Chinese partner, Shanghai GM, and Volkswagen's FAW VW, along with home-market automaker Guangzhou. All other manufacturers, including Beijing Hyundai, Chery Auto and the Dongfeng-PSA Peugeot-Citroen alliance were off by as much as 50%. Given that China is supposedly the world's biggest emerging market, with many automakers counting on Chinese growth for continued profitability in the face of home-market challenges, is this report yet another sign of industry implosion? Jalopnik Snap Judgment: There are some concerning aspects of the short-on-details report from China Car Times, but the statistics seem to show more of a maturation in the Chinese car-buying public than a contraction of the vehicle market. In other words, the people are developing an automotive revolutionary consciousness. Although overall sales are down and some manufacturers reported sales declines of 50% or more, the big winners showed sales increases of 50% or more. Combined with the massive distraction of the then-pending Summer Olympics and government restrictions surrounding the games, we're going to have to see a longer-term steep decline before we start predicting doom in the Far East. [China Car Times]