Van Actively On Fire But Still Rolling Is The Inspiration I Needed Today

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Gif: Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / YouTube (Other)

Sometimes things go wrong and make your day absolute hell. Sometimes, you just have to begin a year by chasing your tire down a highway. Or you can roll with the punches like this van: on fire but still going strong.

On March 10, police and fire departments in Fayetteville, Arkansas, responded to a car fire call, reports 5 News. When police arrived, they discovered that the fire was billowing out of what appears to be a Chevy Express or GMC Savana van. But the van didn’t want to stick around just burning to the ground, it had places to be. It rolled down the driveway, nearly striking a person in the process. I swear that I’ve seen this movie before.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeremy Ashley said that the van and its dump trailer were parked in the driveway by a construction crew working on the house. Apparently, the engine overheated and caught fire. Eventually, as NWA Democrat-Gazette reports, the transmission failed and sent the van on a short and fiery journey across the street.


Firefighters and police were able to extinguish the flames in the vehicle, driveway of the house and yard. Most importantly, no fiery death was involved and no injuries were reported.

Sgt. Murphy, Fayetteville Police Public Information Officer, said, via 5 News:

“It was a windy and dry day, so it could’ve been really bad, and until the fire department arrived, Harris was a one-man show. I’m just happy our units responded so quickly so they could put those flames out. Firefighters need hero’s and I think officer Harris was probably their hero that day.”


It was pretty cool how quickly that officer jumped into action and tackled the flames. I’d probably be laughing too hard to do much, like I am right now.

In a way, this van is pretty inspirational. Here it is burning down to the ground but not letting it slow its roll. Be like the van and keep going no matter how on-fire you are.