This Guy Chasing After Tire on Freeway Is Really Setting the Tone For 2019

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Houston’s highways are not for the faint of heart. The city has some of the deadliest roads in the nation and late last year they had two instances of giant spools of cabling rolling down the freeway. Well now you can add this perfect metaphor for post-New Year’s malaise: This poor guy chasing a tire down I-45.

This video was on shot Sunday afternoon—yes, that is the level of traffic in Houston on a Sunday afternoon—and the poor son of a bitch hustling after his tire was Mitch Chapman, ABC 13 reports. Luckily, Chapman caught up to his runaway wheel before it hit any other cars. Rafael Sanchez who took the video actually connected with Chapman on Twitter. It is unclear how or why the tire launched free—changing a wheel? bounced out of the trunk?—but it does not appear that it was Chapman’s only problem. As you can see in the original tweet’s replies, Chapman told Sanchez the ignition on his car is also now acting up. (Also he called him an asshole.)


Man, what happened to that fresh start we were all promised? It’s almost like, time is a human construct and we’re all spinning towards our fate wildly with no rhyme or reason.