Utah Raises Some Speed Limits To 80 MPH Because It's Safer

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After multi-year studies, Utah has raised a number of its highway speed limits to 80 miles an hour. They cited the same reasons of safety as the now-famous 'Speed Kills Your Pocketbook' documentary. Finally, a government making sense about speed.


KSL News reports that yesterday the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) installed 80 MPH signs on some of its rural highways after multi-year studies found that higher speed limits would be safer than lower ones.

"We had to look at geometry and speed ... speed-related crashes, just to see if it made sense," said John Gleason of UDOT. "And in these designated areas ... 80 miles per hour is the optimal speed."


KSL News goes on to point out that UDOT's recently-concluded study found that vehicle crashes decreased slightly in existing 80 MPH zones. They attributed the new safety to more vehicles traveling at the same speed. If that sounds familiar, it's because the 'Speed Kills Your Pocketbook' video says pretty much the exact same thing.

Not every road deserves higher speeds, but it's good to see that one state government is listening to reason and raising limits where appropriate.

(Hat tip to marvthegrate!)


Photo Credit: KSL News

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Washington and Oregon are sooo far behind on this...60 urban/70 rural in WA, 55 urban/65 rural in OR. It's awful, particularly in Oregon with their utterly oppressive highway patrol. At least WA cops don't seem to mind drivers travelling 10-15 over the limit when they're just cruising with the flow, though that's not gonna help you when you run across a patrolman who's having a bad day or are in a jurisdiction that's itching for revenue. Too much of a crapshoot, and totally out of touch with the quality of modern vehicles.