Unable To Reconcile Two Global Crises At Once, GM Postpones Hummer EV Launch

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Look, we’re all just coping with this thing at the moment, or trying to, day by day. Get off our backs! Also GM’s, which is now delaying the launch of the EV Hummer meant to revive and simultaneously turn around the anti-eco brand.


I was here for the EV Hummer, in that it was a good example of how buying an EV doesn’t instantly make your life climate guilt-free, both on a personal level and on a mass social level. If we all magically switched to EVs would all of our environmental problems go away? Not exactly. If we all stopped logging billions of miles on billions of new cars? Now we’re talking.

In any case, the EV Hummer is a nice test to see if mass conspicuous consumption can switch from gas to electric without much else changing. I think there’s plenty of overlap and it’ll be relatively smooth, but we won’t know until we see these things on sale, and that will take a bit longer, as GM itself announced today:

While we cannot wait to show the GMC HUMMER EV to the world, we will reschedule the May 20 reveal date. In the meantime, the team’s development work continues on track and undeterred. We invite all to stay tuned for more stories on this super truck’s incredible capability leading up to its official debut.

I don’t exactly know why GM couldn’t just do a Zoom reveal, but we’re all figuring this out on the fly

I’ll also say that GM is not alone in delaying reveals, as Ford has put a ton on hold, EVs included. Ford also has its own problems, also.


As it is, I’m sorry that fighting climate change is on a back burner but at least people traveling less amid covid lockdowns is helping the atmosphere.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Actually, Depending on how you count it, it’s either 1 crisis or 5.

1 Virus shuts down world.

Which leads to

2. Oil Glut.
3. Economic Crash for entire World
4. Trade War highly likely with China
5. Major drop in likely EV incentives in most of world, since the nations are broke too.

I think the Hummer EV made sense in January 2020.  Now, GM needs to focus on a couple highly profitable vehicles they can actually find buyers for like their full sized trucks.