The Reborn GMC Hummer EV Truck Will Have 1,000 HP, 11,500 Lb-Ft Of Torque

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Photo: GM

Hummer is dead no more. It will be officially reborn as the GMC Hummer EV, GMC’s first all-electric truck, to be built at General Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. And its numbers are unreal.

The truck will apparently have 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque and will be able to do zero to 60 mph in a claimed three seconds, according to a company press release. It doesn’t seem like Hummer will be a standalone brand anymore. Instead, it’ll be a model under the GMC brand.


It’s worth noting this torque figure could very well be the truck’s wheel torque, which is different from what the electric motor actually makes. GM does not clarify which it is at this moment.

“Yes, the 11,500 lb-ft number is technically correct from an engineering standpoint,” Roadshow elaborates, “but it’s not the measurement most commonly used. A GMC official told Roadshow the final, SAE-certified number will be released closer to the truck’s on-sale date.


GM also notes a Super Bowl commercial is scheduled, which will “[highlight] the anticipated performance of GMC’s all-electric super truck, which will generate remarkable metrics in terms of horsepower, torque and acceleration while providing incredible on- and off-road capability.”

No range, price or further battery stats, such as capacity or architecture, was provided at this time. A GM spokesperson declined to comment with additional information other than what was given in today’s release, saying “The specs are what we’re sharing now, there will be more information coming during the May 20 reveal.”


I can’t imagine the Hummer EV will be a pixie. It’ll probably weigh as much as a house. Which means range, as with all EVs, is the big question here. What would range be like for a truck with huge performance numbers such as those and a big body to lug around?

And furthermore—would people care? Or would they just see the high HP and high torque figures and be happy with those? The gasoline-driven Hummers that were eventually killed off had abysmal gas mileage and buyers didn’t seem to mind; gas stations are aplenty, though. Chargers are not.


The Hummer EV is slated for official reveal on May 20, but GMC released two teaser YouTube videos today: