UFC Fighter's Manager Escaped Fiery Death When His BMW Mysteriously Exploded

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The life of a UFC fighter is fraught with danger; we can't imagine an inadvertent flying kick to the throat ending well. But usually their managers are pretty safe from such attacks.


But UFC fighter Randy Couture's manager survived an attack of a different sort when he narrowly escaped being burned by his BMW X6M. Sam Spira, who was driving with his daughter in the passenger seat, heard a loud knock before the engine warning lights came on and the car burst into flames.


Spira managed to pull himself and his daughter out through the driver's side door before the car exploded. He suffered burns during the escape, later observing that if he had been driving on the freeway, both he and his daughter could have been killed.

Spira said BMW has yet to investigate the fire, and hasn't responded to his phone calls and emails. We reached out to BMW for comment.

UPDATE - Friday, Nov. 16: BMW got back to us, and here's what they said about Spira's car fire:

The BMW Group is thankful that Mr. Spira and his daughter escaped serious harm in the unfortunate vehicle fire reported by TMZ on November 16th. BMW of North America has been in touch with the customer since November 9th and has been collecting information about the circumstances of the incident. BMW is eager to send engineers to inspect the customer's vehicle. That investigation has been scheduled with the customer's insurance company to take place later this month.


Photo credit: TMZ

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