Two Daredevils in a BMW Beat the World Record for Fastest Wheel Change on a Moving Car

They said it couldn't be done, but the Guinness World Record for fastest wheel change while moving has been beat.

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The BMW 3-Series E46 deserves as much praise as the Italian stunt driver duo. It has white flames!
Gif: YouTube

There’s a new Guinness World Record for the fastest tire change on a moving car, and — of course — there’s video of it, too. In it, we see Italian duo Manuel Zoldan and Gianluca Folco flip a BMW 3-Series, balance the car on two wheels, and complete a wheel change as the car is moving in 1 minute, 17.64 seconds.

That amount of time placed the duo comfortably below 1 minute, 30 seconds, shattering the previous world record by a healthy margin of over 12 seconds. I didn’t even know this was a thing: changing tires while a car is moving. But it is. And the whole thing was recorded on an Italian TV show for the world to see:

Fastest wheel change on a moving car - Guinness World Records

As the name suggests, the Italian Lo Show dei Record is no stranger to record-breaking feats. The show even keeps a Guinness World Records judge around, to validate and certify the new records. At the end of the stunt, the judge himself hands the certificate to Zoldan and Folco, who are both beaming.


And I honestly can’t tell who had the harder task between the two, whether it would have been harder to fully change the wheel while the car was moving, or to actually drive the BMW 3-Series (a stylish E46, by the way) onto a ramp, flip it, keep it under control for over a minute while on its side, and then lay it back on all four wheels! I want to say the driving seems harder, but there’s a reason the BMW has a box for wheel nuts fixed to the fender. Talk about butter fingers.

At the very least, the wheel or tire that Zoldan had to change looked like a spare, rather than a full-size. Of course, the man behind the wheel of the BMW isn’t your average driver. It’s not like the duo saw the last wheel change world record, and said “Here, hold my Peroni.” Gianluca Folco is a stunt driver from Team Folco, which performs car stunts and does work for film and TV. Their work has appeared in films 6 Underground and The Ruthless, and Top Gear.


Leave it to the professionals, I guess. I’m just smitten by the BMW the team is driving — and the BMW E46 fleet the stunt drivers seem to prefer. All BMWs should have bright green undersides, to make oil leaks easy to see.

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Photo: Team Folco