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Great news, fans of zany British sports cars! TVR is opening an R&D center in the UK and its owners claim that it will launch an all new model in the next two or three years. If this proves to be true then I think a cheer is necessary. Huzzah!


That's a big if, mind you. The low-volume marque hasn't produced a car since 2006 when it was under the troubled ownership of young Russian banker Nikolay Smolensky, and its current owners, while passionate for the brand, lack experience. Still though this story from Autocar says that TVR is opening an R&D center in the south of England, and is hiring engineers and designers so maybe there is hope.

According to Les Edgar, the video game entrepreneur who now is the chairman of TVR, they are getting incrementally closer to producing a car. Here's his remarks in the aforementioned Autocar article:

"'We have detailed concept designs,' said Edgar. 'We will soon be ready to commission a static prototype. We're not yet ready to say what kind of chassis the car will have, although having investigated every likely form, from the tubular backbone chassis to a full carbonfibre tub, we're close to making a decision.'"


Edgar also says the engine will probably be outsourced and no decision has been made as to what it will be. Your guess is as good as mine. The article also claims a possible return of the speed six at a later date, which would no doubt be a glorious sounding victory.

TVR's new bosses are focused on producing one new model to debut that will be made in the UK, and will be relatively affordable as TVR has been in the past.

To echo Patrick's sentiments, I'd remain cautiously optimistic about the return of TVR. Clearly the new owner's are passionate for the brand, and the fact that they're hiring is a good sign but they still have quite a lot up against them. Additionally, I'm doubtful we'd see a new TVR in the US even if the new bosses put a new car on the market.

Still though, we should all hope, for a world with TVR is certainly better than a world without.

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