Toyota Hints At New MR2 And Three-Sports Car Lineup

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For many people, the idea of going back to the mid ‘90s is a nightmare of big pants, cellphones the size of burritos, and a never-ending invasion of AOL CDs. The one great exception is likely the old ‘90s Toyota lineup, which boasted a family of three interesting sports cars. Now there’s hints that this best part of the ‘90s may be coming back.

That original lineup included the Supra, Celica, and the mid-engined pocket rocket MR2. Currently, we have the delightful GT86 filling the middle-child role the Celica once held, we have a new BMW-co-developed Supra on the way, which leaves a hole for a new, likely mid-engined successor to the MR2.


Toyota engineer and Gazoo Racing chief Tetsuya Tada told Evo that “the three brothers” would be in production together “as soon as possible.”

This seems to be a confirmation that a new MR2 is in the works, and Evo speculates that Toyota will seek to incorporate hybrid technology developed for their LMP1 racecars, and that the MR2 will likely retain its traditional mid-engine design.

Currently, Toyota has no mid-engine platform (well, technically, the GT86 is front-mid, and I think the Hiace vans may be, too) so I’ll be curious to see how that will eventually pan out.

We’ve been stung before by rumors of beloved sports cars coming back, so I’m going to remain a bit wary, but hopeful. A good, affordable mid-engined car is sorely needed in the market today, and would provide some good competition to the Miata/Fiat 124.


I can’t wait to see the tiny, tortured trunks a reborn MR2 (MR3?) may end up having.

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Is Toyota seriously pretending the Celica was anything other than a Corolla coupe? That’s an insult to the decent, RWD vehicle that is the FRS.