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Toyota GT 86 is the production version of the FT-86

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After a freaking eternity of teasers and concepts, we've now learned the Toyota FT-86 will be called the Toyota GT 86 when it debuts at next week's Tokyo Motor Show and goes on sale next year (it'll supposedly be called the Scion FR-S here). You didn't think they'd call it the FT-86, did ya?


Let's just review this one more time: GT 86. No "f" and no "-" just GT 86.

I dwell on the name not just because all of those people who built entire websites out of the assumption that it would be called the FT-86. Although, that sucks. Nor do I do it because it's incredibly important to us Americans. We're getting the Scion FR-S. Or, are we? Maybe the GR-S? What about the GRZ?


No, I focus on this name because at this point it's the only thing we didn't know about it. Thanks to abundant leaks we know everything else. It's gonna weigh 2,662 pounds and put out 197 horsepower from a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine built by Subaru.

And it'll be the GT 86. Yep, GT 86.

My favorite name for it is still the Toyobaru and it's likely what I'll continue to call it in friendly conversations, even the Scion version. Just as long as I can drive it.

We also have the first official pics of the production version, which looks quite similar to the concept except it's curiously surrounded by fire extinguishers and a ghost who looks like he's sneaking out after violating it. Ghost dragon?