Toyota Finally Alludes To What Must Be The New Supra On Twitter

Photo credit Twitter
Photo credit Twitter

Oh, hey, who’s in the mood for some Toyota Supra news? Because Toyota just tweeted out this photo and we’ve got some questions.


This racing version of what we assume will be the Supra is similar to what BMW did with the M8 GTE and the 8 Series: Show it off as a race car version first before giving us the production version. What other Toyota sports car would be considered “iconic”? (And no, don’t say “the MR2", that isn’t coming back.)

Anyway, it’s not clear what this big wing is because it’s not like anything that we’ve seen in the various spy shots, so you can use your imagination and speculate away.

Additionally, we also have some other Supra news to share with you and it concerns weight.

Someone scanned pages from the March issue of Japan’s Best Car magazine and uploaded them to the SupraMKV forum today. Supposedly, these are the latest details about the car nobody has officially seen yet but whose mule is old enough to have its own mid-cycle refresh.

The new Supra will allegedly weigh 3,284 pounds, which isn’t bad when you consider how beefy most modern sports cars have been getting. That’ll be with a potential eight-speed auto and all the modern safety equipment onboard, mind you.


The Supra forum user also points out that the Mark IV non-turbo Supra weighed 3,329 pounds and the turbo one weighed 3,461, and that had two decades less of safety equipment.

Some of the other stuff we’ve heard over the past few months and years include Toyota possibly dropping the “Supra” moniker and that it could have 335 horsepower. That’s all fine for me—just show us the damn thing already!


You can read the rest of the findings here.

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“335hp” sounds a lot like how everyone was fine with 205hp in the FRS when it debuted... But now look how you feel. I never thought it was sufficient.

This will be another “it’s a great car, but so is the Camaro 1LE and it’s $X times less”