Toyota CEO Shows Up To Track Event In His Awesome Century GRMN, Like A True Boss

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Screenshot: yashichi87able (YouTube)

The new Toyota Century is what the Lincoln Continental wishes it could be. And CEO Akio Toyoda’s awesome one-off Century GRMN is so sporty, and so incredible, and so cool, and I have so much respect for the Toyota boss showing up to a company track event in it.


It’s very easy to get lulled into a false mindset that Toyota is boring, and then the Japanese automaker goes and displays its Gazoo Racing lineup, topped off with Toyoda showing up in the new Century GRMN:

The Century GRMN was introduced as a one-off version of the automaker’s super-luxury car, though Toyota is supposedly gauging possible customer interest for building more.

It’s still not confirmed exactly how much Gazoo has changed on the car beyond the obvious cosmetic touches, like the dope wheels and red stripe along the rocker panel, a new grille and a cute little lip spoiler at the back. The regular Century gets a hybrid V8 setup good for 376 horsepower. You would think they would have bragged about it if they actually added any more power to this one, so sadly it’s also probably just 376 HP.

The other cars in the clip include a Gazoo Racing version of the upcoming new Supra, Toyota TS050 endurance racer, Prius GT300 and what appears to be the Lexus LC 500 Super GT racer.

The Century is still the coolest of the bunch. Race the Century, Toyota. Find a way.



Would that car, if available here in the U.S., be a Lexus or a Toyota? I assume Lexus. How much better is it than the Lexus LS?