Topical: Elon Musk Says His New Tesla Truck Can Survive A Nuke

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“Or you get a full refund,” Elon Musk told the press.

For reasons beyond my comprehension—wait, no—for reasons entirely within my comprehension as of late, Elon Musk claims to have built his new all-electric semi truck to be able to withstand a thermonuclear explosion.

Just so you remember, a nuclear explosion is hot. As in, the core of a nuclear explosion reaches over 10,000 degrees. It is vaporizing. It vaporizes. You, the truck, all your hopes and dreams, whatever cargo was in the back (let’s say, lettuce?), all gone in an instant.


So it’s not clear how far away your Tesla truck must be from a nuclear explosion itself to survive, but presumably if you’re too close, you’re not going to be worrying about it for too long.


This is very much in keeping with Tesla, which famously put a Bio-weapon Defense Mode in the Model X, which highly filters and scrubs the air in the car so as to seemingly help you survive the movie Outbreak. And yes, Tesla has tested the function.

Here’s how strong Tesla shows the explosion-combatting glass to be:


Mere mortals such as yourself may be thinking “wait, but how the hell is a tow hitch even remotely equivalent to a nuclear bomb going off in your face?”


Only a company run by a single billionaire obsessed with the prospect of humankind wiping itself out (and taking Earth along with it) would not only think up these features, but also put them into production.