Eccentric billionaire, space privateer and auto manufacturer Elon Musk has felt it necessary that his new car, the Tesla Model X, come with protection against a bioweapons attack. And so it does.

The system is specifically called ā€˜Bioweapon Defense Mode,ā€™ and it runs the carā€™s air filters at the highest setting, as TechCrunch reports.

These air filters are about an order of magnitude larger than standard.

Our own Andrew Collins was at the Model Xā€™s launch and elaborated further.

Even when youā€™re not in an accident, the car protects its occupants from invisible harm with a true HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) cabin air filter, the only one in any car, according to Musk.

ā€œIf thereā€™s ever a bioweapon attack,ā€ Musk said ā€œthe safest place is your car.ā€ At this point I figured he was kidding, until he added ā€œthereā€™s actually a ā€˜bioweapon defense modeā€™ right there in the HVAC. We figure you shouldnā€™t have to think if youā€™re in an emergency.ā€


Most of Teslaā€™s positioning about their air cleaners were about air quality, and thatā€™s reasonably standard.

But this weapons defense mode is a new level of modern fear. Nothing here hurts anyone, though it does verge on the absurd.


If you wanted a physical manifestation of the Silicon Valley elitesā€™ reclusive, paranoid, eco-minded tendencies, here you go.

Iā€™m not going to go out and say that this is more proof that Musk is a malevolent mad genius, but itā€™s a point in that direction.


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Photo Credits: Tesla

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