Top Gear's New Host Loses it in a Subaru Brat

A simple miscalculation of angle, speed and friction can be very bad news when behind the wheel. But for most people, wipeouts don’t happen on camera with all of our coworkers looking on. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff is not in the majority. He makes up a small segment of the population known as Top Gear hosts, which makes this crash in a Subaru Brat extra embarrassing. Or good television, whichever comes first.

The bash-up happened in the English town of Mansfield, where Top Gear was shooting some sort of challenge involving electric cars, reports. It looks like critical understeer and wet pavement were factors in the crash.

No one was hurt, though some bales of hale and metal scaffolding won’t be going home to their families. Flintoff seemed to recover the Brat just fine and limped off track, probably to find a producer to apologize to and hopefully not punch in the face.


This isn’t the first time Flintoff has made headlines for his on-road antics before he’s even made it on to the show. The Cricket player has been caught more than a few times thumbing his nose at speed limits. He even narrowly avoided driving bans, twice.

Quite the way to kick off filming of the next season of Top Gear! Flintoff will join Chris Harris and new host Paddy McGuinness for the 27th season of everyone’s favorite car show, replacing current hosts Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid. The up coming season set to debut Feb. 17.

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