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In case you're wondering, it was a wild and wacky first day here at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Here's what you missed last night if you didn't stay up with us throughout our first day of coverage — or at least here's a round-up of what we thought were the top five stories:

1.) Godzilla is Back! Nissan revealed the new GT-R which supposedly is not only a Corvette Z06 killer, it's a Porsche 911 Turbo killer. We haven't driven it so we don't know for sure and we're kinda just going off the claims of others. What we do know is it's hot and it's not only the sports car with the biggest buzz here in Tokyo, it's the car with the biggest buzz.
Nissan GT-R Live Reveal
Nissan GT-R First Video

2.) We heart Tonka trucks. Seriously — any automaker will find their way to our hearts real quick-like if they're able to build a concept car that looks like a Tonka truck. Exhibit A would be the Suzuki X-Head concept car. We love it and now that we've seen it in person we love it even more.
Suzuki X-Head Live Reveal

3.) The BMW 1-series tii concept. It's supposed to make you think E30 M3 while simultaneously looking like a 2002 tii. All we know is the BMW fan-boys are all atwitter over the possibility it'll have a 2.0-liter turbo. This was one of only two vehicles revealed here that were not revealed before-hand. Who knew that would be enough to be noteworthy?
Tokyo Motor Show: BMW 1-Series tii


4.) The Volkswagen Space up! Concept. The other concept not revealed beforehand. Otherwise it's basically the up! concept revealed in Germany at the Frankfurt Auto Show, except bigger, longer and you know, more uncut.
Tokyo Motor Show: Volkswagen Space Up! Concept Car


5.) BMW confirms CS concept. BMW's Japanese boss confirmed that yes, the German automaker will build something based off the CS Platform that hit the Shanghai show earlier this year. Yup, the "Shanghai Surprise" became the "Japanese Shocker" — which we hear is big in certain upstairs venues in Rappongi.
Tokyo Motor Show: BMW Confirms New Model Based on CS Platform

Well folks, we'll drop another round-up in a few short hours after we've finished up showing off all of our new tricks we found here at the Tokyo Motor Show's first day and then look for a full-show round-up sometime on Thursday. We're gonna hit up some Yakatori places and be back in a jiffy — you keep your eyes right here on the Tokyo Auto Show tag.