Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Big Bird won't fit in it, Oscar wants to put his junk in the trunk, and Elmo says it's too red. Regardless of that, Nice Price or Crack Pipe wants to know if this M6 is worthy of your street?

Yesterday's 300TD elicited cheers for its condition, and jeers for its price. Despite being a near-perfect example of a Benz Bandwagon, 68% of you thought its price was akin to taking the browns to the super bowl. Today, we're back to Germany for a coupe that even Bert and Ernie could agree upon- a BMW M6.

Called the M635CSi in its European iteration, and M6 in the U.S., the 1983 introduction of BMWs halo coupe with a modified version of the M1's engine elevated the car even further up the performance food chain. BMW sold a little over 1,700 of the M6 in North America, and this Cinnabar red '87 is a reasonably clean example. The seller claims 161K on the clock, and a number of replacement parts, evident that the car is settling into middle age. The shark nose and traditional greenhouse speak of an era predating Bangle butts and misshapen twin kidney grills, and recalls the precedent 3.0CSi. OEM on the M6 were metric TRX wheels and those come with the car - as a conversation piece perhaps? Thankfully, the owner has fitted some proper-looking 17-inch rims so you're not stuck with Michelins


He also has dropped a Dinan chip in to put a little more sesame in your street. Stock, the 256-bhp straight six could push the car to sixty in a little over six ticks, but time and wear will have likely dulled that, so that chip may just keep it feeling factory fast. The S38 (as we noted with the M5 from a week or so ago) is an evolution of the 24-valve six developed for the mid-engine M1 supercar. It gets unique pistons and connecting rods, as well as a more advanced Bosch ML-Jetronic FI, and a wet sump. Bolted to the back of the S38, and managing to get those 256 ponies to the pavement, is a Getrag 280/5. And yes, the clutch will be as stiff as Mr Hooper.


So, $8,500 for one of the last of the of the Ms that's iconically recognizable as a BMW? Do you think that price is Tickle Me Elmo-worthy? Or does that bring out your inner Oscar the Grouch?

You decide!


Bay-Area Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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