This Ford Model T Just Embarrassed Your Lifted Jeep

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Sit your butt down and pay respect to how great granddaddy could off-road back before the original Willy’s Jeep was so much as a sketch on a bar napkin.


What you’re looking at is Ramp Travel Index (RTI) test. It’s as simple as it seems–you drive your truck’s left or right side up the ramp, leaving the other side on flat ground, and measure how far you get at the last moment all four wheels are on the ground. Gives you a sense of how much articulation or “flex” your vehicle can handle can have while safely traveling forward.


A score is determined by taking the distance driven up the ramp, divided by the vehicle’s wheelbase, and then multiplied by 1,000.

Hot Rod says this particular Model T, built in 1916, scored 1,030 after making it 103 inches up a 20 degree ramp.

For your reference a stock short-wheelbase Jeep Wrangler JK scores 769. A score of 1,000 is considered “highly capable.”

This old man’s still got it!

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