Thousands of People Paid Nearly $100 for a Ferrari Scratch-and-Sniff Calendar

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You might think of Ferrari as a car company, and if you did, you’d be wrong. It’s so limiting. Ferrari should also be better known for its other materialistic conquests, like this $100 scratch-and-sniff calendar it convinced thousands of people to buy.

Just think about this, critically, for a second: Ferrari listed a 2019 calendar online for 85 euros, or about $97 at current exchange rates, so that people can survive what will likely be another bad year through photos of cars they may or may not be able to afford. Ferrari described the calendar in its store as offering a “stimulating sensory experience” for the first time in its history, and listed it as limited to 5,000 copies. They’re already sold out, according to the store.

One of the main selling points of the calendar is that people can “experience unique smells and sounds” that accompany the photos, with sounds coming from an app and smells coming from the calendar itself. A person apparently has to rub on a tachometer image on the calendar pages to access the “smells” part of this whole deal, but the listing didn’t say whether the person then smells the calendar or their own finger to experience said scents.

“Rub your finger on this rev counter and have a smell.”
“Rub your finger on this rev counter and have a smell.”
Image: Ferrari

Regardless, uh, stop right there. Either of those options is bad.

The act of smelling your finger is never sightly, nor will it ever make you any friends. It’s just one of those things you don’t do. Another thing that’s slightly less weird but also not ideal to do is to press your face against a paper calendar, if that’s where a person is supposed to smell the smells instead. Yet, somehow, Ferrari put out a scratch-and-sniff (either your finger or an expensive pile of paper) calendar, and people bought up all 5,000 copies.

That means thousands of people on this earth paid nearly $100 to either smash their face against a calendar or smell their finger each month, because Ferrari.

Like Jalopnik contributor Bozi Tatarevic noted, Ferrari isn’t a car company. Ferrari is a merchandise company that makes cars on the side, because any company that can convince thousands of people to pay to (likely) smell their finger in the name of a brand is the best merchandiser of them all.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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You’re omitting the most critical information: What smells are we talking about here?

The smell of a fine Italian leather interior? The smell of oil leaking onto your exhaust manifold? The smell of the vintage lacquered-wood Riva boat that your Ferrari mechanic was able to buy after he did your 30,000 mile engine-out service?