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This Stop-Motion Video Of A Guy Fixing His Range Rover's Rusted-Out Body Is Mesmerizing

Screenshot: SOUP . Classic Motoring/YouTube
Screenshot: SOUP . Classic Motoring/YouTube

Of all automobile wrenching disciplines, bodywork is by far the most intimidating to me. It requires a refined touch that I just don’t have (yet), which is why this stop-motion video of a man repairing all the rust on his old Range Rover is so fascinating.


This New Take On A Car Restoration Show Is Beautiful” my coworker Andrew Collins wrote when we introduced George Karellas’ YouTube series “Soup.” And Andrew was totally right, because the channel, SOUP . Classic Motoring, just posted a video titled “How I restored a Classic Range Rover and saved it from the junkyard,” and my god is it stunning.

Watch how Karellas cuts the rot out of his 1991 Range Rover Vogue SE, makes patches out of new steel, welds it into place, grinds down the welds, and paints over everything until it all looks factory-fresh.


Though the video includes suspension and brake work, as well as a number of other repairs, what makes this production special is that it lets you watch from a first-person perspective as complex(ish) pieces of rusted-out steel get hacked out and the body is returned to factory-fresh form. The whole thing is far more entertaining than I thought possible:

This project apparently took Karellas three years, and he’s posted a number of videos on his page that include narration of all the fabrication. The video above appears to splice those videos together so you can see the full job in one place with very little narration—just some light music so that you can just gaze at the work as it mesmerizes you into killing nearly 90 minutes of your day.

But it’s worth it. Trust me.

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The guy has mad skills, but I have to wonder about his judgment. That much work on a clapped out Range Rover?  Why bother?