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This Shelby GT500 Crashed So Hard Its Engine Detached And Hit Another Car

Illustration for article titled This Shelby GT500 Crashed So Hard Its Engine Detached And Hit Another Car

A 33-year-old Utah woman crashed her 2009 Shelby GT500 with such force last month that the roof disintegrated, the front suspension detached, and the engine flew out of the car. The big V8 was then struck by an Acura causing another accident. Everyone survived.

Enormous skill isn't required to pilot a Shelby GT500, but a little common sense is necessary if you're going to keep the 500-horsepower beast on the road.


The woman at the center of this crash, Shannon Welch, was driving along State Route 9 when she cut off another car trying to merge onto Interstate 15 but instead lost control and hit a dirt barrier, according to The Spectrum & Daily News.

Utilizing Ford's newest ejection technology, the front end of the car separated from the rest of the Shelby. The Acura RSX trailing behind then collided with the supercharged powerplant and punted it down the road.


Welch was sent to the hospital with serious injuries but appears to have survived. Speed, obviously, was suspected.

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I joke about speed being involved but in reality, it makes me so mad to hear that stuff. Of course speed was involved, if it wasn't it would have been a parking lot. Speed doesn't CAUSE accidents, and if its a factor, its no more a factor that friction, mass or other universal physical concepts. C'mon! stop blaming speed! On a related note, A study revealed that accident rates and mortality DID NOT increase with the speed increase on certain sections of Utah I-15 from 75-80. (sorry about the AOL auto link, it was the first referenced copy of the study)


how about, recklessness was suspect.