This Is Why You Don't Buy Your Stripper Girlfriend A Shelby GT500

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What happens when you're wealthy and buy your new trophy stripper girlfriend a car she can't handle? This money bags stripper hound found out, and his exotic dancer's ragged out 2011 Mustang GT 500 was seen in the dealer's lot the morning after she was handed the keys, tattered tires and all.


This photo was posted by Reddit user/Ford employee ImFiction today. Here's his explanation:

During last week at one of the dealer's in my zone, a wealthy guy was buying a GT500 for a stripper that he has living with him. She took delivery of the car on a Friday afternoon, tore ass out of the dealership lot, and this was sitting outside the parts door on Saturday morning, parked half way in the street.

The Reddit car crowd was all abuzz, and this is what they had to say about it:

howdareyou: Do you work with the stripper? I'd consider befriending this sugar daddy, a $50,000 car is a nice little gift. Maybe mention you'd save him a lot of money on tires.

ImFiction: No, I work for Ford.

howdareyou: Ah, that makes sense. How do you know the story behind it? Did the girl or the daddy bring the car in?

ImFiction: The dealer that sold it to them is one of the dealers in the zone im responsible for. Not sure who brought the car in. It was left outside of the dealership's parts dept, parked half way in the street, with the wheel like that.

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howdareyou: Crazy, just seems weird that they would be so open about their arrangement.

acog'12 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec: Weirdness is dependent on who the guy is, I'd think. If the guy is a partner in a law firm: super weird. If the guy owns the strip club, he doesn't care who knows.

Jesburger: If I was your boss I'd be pissed you post about our customers on reddit. SO unprofessional.

ImFiction: Not my customer, not my boss. I work for Ford, not the dealership.

So there you have it. Neither the stripper boyfriend nor the Ford employee is worried about keeping up appearances, but everyone in the world seems to be vexed about a fast car's trashed tires. Such a travesty!


Photo credit: ImFiction on Reddit

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BtheD19, Formula J treble World Champion

... what?

Sorry, I don't even know what I just read.

And what the hell are those quotes from Reddit talking about?

How do we even know this was owned by a stripper?

How do we know she did this to the tires?

And while we're on the tires, what the hell happened to them - that doesn't look like any type of damage I'm familiar with.

Any sort of investigation on this at all? Or are we just reposting rumors from Reddit with nonsensical quotes for things that may have happened with some people somewhere? I'd expect to read something like this on Facebook, not Jalopnik.