This Kia Stinger Drag Racing a Tesla Model S 75D Is a Great Lesson in Torque

On paper, the Kia Stinger and Tesla Model S 75D have fairly similar power figures, which means it should make for an interesting contest in a short drag race. Yet the result is just another example of how important torque can be when trying to show off.


In Top Gear’s latest drag race, they pit a 370 horsepower Kia Stinger with 376 lb-ft of torque against a Tesla Model S 75D with around 367 hp and a whopping 486 lb-ft of torque. It’s also worth noting the Kia is about 440 pounds lighter than the Model S.

Just by looking at those torque figures, it should be pretty obvious which one jumps off the line quicker, but it turned out to be so much of an advantage the Model S just sealed the win leaving no real chance for the Stinger.

The only other qualifier that I think is left out in Top Gear’s video is whether or not the Stinger they tested was equipped with the optional all-wheel drive. I’m not sure it would have made enough of a difference if it was or wasn’t equipped, but it could be worth a second shot.

Regardless, this is a good example of impressive performance capabilities of electric cars, where they have just as much power as the combustion counterparts, but are so much quicker thanks to all of that immediate torque at the wheels.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik



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