The Jaguar Pickup Truck Nobody Asked For Is Surprisingly Elegant

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A Jaguar XJ with the cargo capacity of a pickup truck just might make a complete trip. You know, because you can carry all the spare parts you'll need? Zing. Regardless of reliability, this luxury sedan-turned-truck is actually pretty fetching.

The rear section is a little choppy, and that roll bar could use some polishing, but it's a lot cleaner than some pickup conversions we've seen around here.


I can just imagine the builder... batshit insane from removing rust, finally pushed over the edge and assaulting the rear half of his ride with the Saw-Zall.

We're starting to get a good catalog of luxury craft that we've seen hacked up and given a utility bed. How does this Jag stack up against this gorgeously "El Camino'ed" 1979 Mercedes, 1989 Ferrari 412 work truck, or Rolls Royce Dually?


Hat tip to Frank de Leeuw van Weenen!

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