This Is Your Bill Caswell Rally Car Crash Gallery

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Bill Caswell, Jalopnik's $500 Craigslist rally-car driver, competed in last weekend's New England Forest Rally. He crashed his car. Because you guys seem to like this sort of thing, we've assembled a gallery of shots from the weekend. Viva crapcan!

The details: Bill and his co-driver*, Paul Donlin, are OK, but his car is not. He was relatively quick, but not a front-runner. (Results can be found here.) He crashed out on Saturday, on a stage called Sturtevant Pond 2, and did not finish the event. He sent me the following text message yesterday:

"We crashed because of a rock at the apex on Fish Pond Road. It was a right four tightens into left three, and right at the right four's apex, the car's right wheel hit the rock. It popped the right side up and knocked us way off line, forcing an early cut through the left, slaughtering the the boulder with the side of the car."


According to Bill's Facebook page, the car needs a new front control arm, one tie rod, a trailing arm, a rear subframe, a halfshaft, and two doors.

"I tried to use a rachet strap and jack to straighten the rear wheel and then found the halfshaft broken. I tried to lock down the halfshaft with the ratchet strap to overcome the static torque load on the diff and drive off the stage, but no go. Then the kids and the girl who had just shown me her ass (Don't ask. —Ed.) were like, 'What can we get you? Do you need another jack?' Me: 'How about a beer?'

They laughed a lot. So then we chilled out and things were fun until sweep showed up. I wish I had stayed in the woods and partied."

Also, when he landed the jump,

"I hit so hard that my vision went dark, and when my eyes came back, my tinted visor slammed shut. It took me a second to figure out what the hell had happened."


Which is kind of nutty. You can watch the jump here. Also, it's totally unrelated, but you can see a quick video of Bill drifting here.


Inexperienced but eager, not as fast as the front-runners, running a car with near-stock suspension, not going to the X Games, and more concerned with sharing the fun than anything else: That's our boy!

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*of the weekend; the right seat changes with every event, and could be yours, even if you have no experience, if you ask nicely.


Photo Credits: Payam Fahr, Johnny Stevenson,

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Jalop editors —Seriously - you've got to stop calling this a $500 car. He's easily got $5k into the engine - and then there is suspension... Sure he purchased the unibody for $500....

Also - he may be driving the same courses as the $400k WRC machines but he is not racing against them - he is racing in the pay-to-race amateur races. Example— just because I drive down mainstreet in MonteCarlo the monday after the F1 race doesn't mean I am competing with Mark Webber for F1 drivers championship points...