This Is Why People Think BMW M3 Drivers Are Asshats

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There's been a lot of talk that Audi has replaced BMW for the car of choice for America's douchebags. This BMW M3 provides evidence to the contrary.

Our tipster tells us "Of course the lot was full with no other spots." Of course.


This parking job isn't as brazen as the BMW that parallel parked over two handicapped spaces or the BMW driver who expected a twelve-wheeled dump truck to back up for her, but it's pretty bad.

(Hat tip to Chase!)

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A couple of things. BMW drivers are clearly not the only people who do this. Secondly, after you go out and spend $80k on a car and some jackass bangs their door into your car and leaves a dent and no note, that is the last time you park normally. It's no different than going out and buying an expensive new piece of clothing and someone spilling something all over it and then just shrugging and walking away.