This Is Why You Don't Give A Teenager A BMW M3 And A GoPro

Watch this teenager hoon his (or his father's, perhaps) BMW M3 on an absolutely amazing stretch of Arizona highway. We can only guess at why he misjudged that turn and crashed a not inexpensive car (looks like an E46), but the Home Alone hands-on-face action is priceless.

It's to be expected. Studies show that the human brain isn't fully developed until about age 25. The solid proof of all that academic research is right here in this video.

Let this be a lesson. Going straight from racing video games to driving sports cars is a bad idea. The best way for any kid to learn how to beat the crap out of a car is on a 15-year-old Corolla or Taurus. Well, unless daddy has a really solid insurance policy and doesn't mind the idea of a disposable Bimmer.

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