This Is What A $335,000 Valet Parking Crash Looks Like

Once again, a sad fate has befallen a Lamborghini at the hands of a valet driver. And this one is about to get potentially very expensive.


Yahoo! Motoramic reports that this unfortunate Gallardo Spyder valet crash occurred at the five-star Le Meridien Hotel in Delhi, India.

The owner is claiming $335,000 worth of damage to the car, far more than the car goes for in the U.S. due to extra import taxes in Asia.

A hotel official said the valet was a 10-year veteran, and suffered minor head injuries in the crash. It's not clear exactly what led to the car launching forward before the crash.


Brian, The Life of

"Horsepower is how fast you hit the guest's car in front of you and torque is how far you push it."