This Is Why You Don't Trust A Valet With Your Aventador

I don't own a Lamborghini, but if I did, this is a thing I would find myself saying often: "I'm just gonna go ahead and park it myself."

Doug will tell you all about valet parking mishaps, but if you need more evidence, check out this video from our pals at Carscoops. This Monaco valet accidentally launches the Aventador forward after carefully backing it into a parking space.


At first the damage seems minimal, but when the car backs up, it's clear that its bumper went all crunchy-crunchy. And somehow, adding insult to injury, someone was there to catch it all on video.

Oof. I'd hate to have to explain that to the Lambo's owner. Time for that valet to start polishing up the ol' resume, probably.

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