This IS The New Toyota Prius

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UPDATE: We sat down with Toyota PR this morning, showed them the pictures and they've confirmed that yes, this is the new 2010 Toyota Prius set to be revealed officially at the Detroit Auto Show in January. And yeah, that's all they're willing to tell us at this time. Someone over at PriusChat dropped images of what appears to be the next generation Prius or at least a really fantastic photochop of what the new Prius mule looks like. Toyota has no comment on the image according to PriusChat, which is something that we're going to have to weigh. What do you all think? Is this the next generation 2010 Prius that we've all been waiting to see after seeing the really underwhelming teasers of the new Prius?
[Source: PriusChat]


I don't like the Yaris-like nose. I don't like that goofy appendage on the front of a lot of Mitsus either. Looks like a mini-Edsel. The rest of it just needs to be utilitarian, like a vegetable peeler or something. Don't want to be scaring off the customer base and let's be honest, it ain't most of us.

I really really don't like the way the comments start collapsing on the second page now. Is that just a Firefox thing or is it happening to everybody?