This Is The Off-Roading The 2015 Jeep Renegade Was Built For

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Nobody's said the 2015 Jeep Renegade is meant to approach the capability of a Wrangler, "Trail Rated" badge or no. Jeep's new jacked-up hatchback is happiest on dirt roads, but it's still got chops for a few heavier obstacles along the way.


Folks at the curiously-named Italian car site M3 MotorCube either have great cinematography skills or stole this clip from someone who does (Chrysler's marketing department?) because this clip is downright lovely to look at.

I think this kind of rough-road riding with the occasional light water crossing and crawl is exactly the kind of "trail" Jeep had in mind when they Trail Rated the Renegade Trailhawk. It ain't the Rubicon but it's a lot more interesting than the terrain most Jeeps will probably spent their lives on anyway, right?

Anyone think the Renegade will be able to get deeper than this? We hope to find out when we finally get to drive it. Until then, speculate away!

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I am extremely confident that this is shot by FCA and not "motor cube" since it matches perfectly the style of the other renegade "b-roll" films on the tubes. Way to shamelessly pirate M3. Anyway; before people get all in a thing about how this isn't real off road or this or that, Im sure this can handle 60% of the trails I do regularly, and the ones that it can't are a big step up in vehicle. The truth is that this will rock the occasional FS road and do it cheaply. That's not bad. Man I need to drive one.