Back in the late 1990s Ferrari was recovering from the disappointment that was the F50 by developing something better: The Enzo.

Before it went on sale in 2003, prototypes of the Enzo started hitting the road in 2000. This morning I stumbled across one of those prototypes, and I might like the mule better than the Enzo.


As Ferrari is currently doing with the modified 458 bodies on the F70 prototypes (or possibly F150), the original Enzo wore the skin of a 348, one of Ferrari's less-loved V8 models. The 348 came from a time when Ferrari thought everyone wanted gigantic door vents and assumed that the Testarossa's look was actually a good one.

For the Enzo prototype, the 348 body was stretched and it has some massive rear haunches. It looks much better than the original, especially the wide set exhausts. But this is also very much a prototype. The V12 and gearbox is from the Enzo, the chassis and body is hacked together from the 348, 355, and 430, making this a sewn together Frankenstein of a Ferrari. It cannot be road registered, unless the owner gets VERY creative with how he or she takes it to the DMV.


The prototype Enzo's V12 was also pushing out 670 horsepower, 20 more than the production car.


Ferrari sold the prototype for 195,000 euro in 2005 at Sotheby's. That seems like a shockingly low price.

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