This Is The Hilarious Explanation Of How That BMW E30 Crashed Into A Pole

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We all got a really good laugh this weekend out of the E30 3-Series BMW that crashed into a light pole, even if it did mean the very unfortunate demise of one of our favorite cars.

Then photographer Karl Holland, who witnessed the sad incident, emailed me some pictures of the crash. I asked him how this whole thing went down. Here's what he told me. It's actually quite hilarious, and a good cautionary tale for all your would-be parking lot hoons.

Well, we went downtown to do a photoshoot. I have another friend with a hellaflush Rx8. I took about 1K photos while we were down there... we were finished, we were leaving... and my buddy sean says, "hey, i'm gunna go hoon around in the parking lot." So i grabbed my nikon and started recording... haha I had no idea this was gunna happen. So as you can see in the video, he just "drifted" around the first pole and into the second.


Now comes the best part. Get ready:

When i asked him what happened when he got out, all he could say was "well when i was drifting to the left i saw the pole and i thought to myself... don't run into the pole." Then when he hooked the other way his tires got traction and he just slammed right into it without braking.


Sadly, the E30 (apparently called "The Dirty 30," which is amazing) is likely headed for the great race track in the sky.

The car is totaled... totally totaled.. haha it has frame damage, the ROOF is bent.. the struts went into the tires and popped them. The engine was sitting on the ground.. We used to call it the Dirty 30. Now it's scrap metal. the worst thing is he was about to S50 swap it the next week... and had been saving the money to do so since he got the car. Poor kid.


I'm an advocate for E30s, so I'm really sorry to hear that as well. Karl closes with a great piece of advice that I too will endorse. Pay attention, kids.

I feel for him... but i think there is a lesson to be learned here.... uhmmm... don't drift your baby into a pole?