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This Is The First Production Version Of The Morgan EV3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The chief of design at Morgan Motor Company told Jalopnik earlier this year that the manufacturer’s new electric three-wheeler would be “one of Morgan’s most customizable models.” Months later, we’re facing the first production versions of the EV3—beautiful, customizable and limited as can be.

Morgan showed off the concept for its electric three-wheeler at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and the production version followed pretty closely. The first line of Morgan EV3s will include only 19 vehicles, and it’ll be part of the “UK 1909 Edition” lifestyle collaboration. The name commemorates the founding of both Morgan and department store Selfridges, a partner for the line.


Here are some shots of the UK 1909 Edition, in video form:

Per Autoblog, the lifestyle collaboration celebrates British heritage and will come with driving shoes, gloves, jacket, scarf, waterproof overalls and other items. The EV3 itself will have a range of 150 miles and top speed of 90 mph, according to Morgan.


But it’s only available to people who live in England, according to Autoblog, so the rest of us can just watch from afar.