This Is the Cheapest Way to Get Your Hands on a 2023 Formula 1 Car

Sure, this race car may not run or have an engine, but what does that matter when it's the most affordable, brand new F1 car out there?

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There’s an old adage in racing: Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. That was great back in the days when stock cars were actually stock, but it’s a harder sell in these times of race cars wholly divorced from their street brands. If only you could go buy the actual car you’re seeing on the race track, and do so at the absolute highest levels of motorsport. Well, friend, now you can.

Provided, of course that you don’t mind if you can’t drive it. Alfa Romeo is selling its 2023 Formula 1 show car, the very same model used to reveal its latest black-and-red racing livery to the world. Even better, it won’t cost you a full $135 million cost cap — the current bid is just over $100,000.


Sure, this F1 car isn’t technically a car. It has no powertrain, meaning you’ll have to push it to your next Cars and Coffee. Or, you could mount a Harbor Freight engine behind that cockpit and maybe make yourself a (likely very slow) new track toy. It might be a little more complicated than that, but, I’m just saying, it’s an option.


Of course, if you aren’t looking for securing one of the world’s fastest track toys, the chassis would also make a damn fine piece of art. It’s forged in carbon fiber, bringing the weight down to a mere 1,200 pounds, and bears the exact livery of this year’s Alfa Romeo racers. Sure, it may not be as interesting as last year’s livery, but are you going to stand there with a straight face and tell me this car looks bad?

This show car chassis may not kickstart your Formula 1 career, but it’s a hell of a way to show your interest in the sport — no one you invite over for dinner is going to not notice the giant red race car sitting in your living room.