This Is The Best Miata Racing Finish You'll See In A While

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Screenshot: NBC Sports

The MX-5 Cup is at Sebring International Raceway in Florida for the third and fourth rounds of the 2021 MX-5 Cup championship, which is very exciting. Even more exciting was how the third round finished.

Three drivers — Selin Rollan, Michael Carter, and Gresham Wagner, who was the polesitter — battled for the lead throughout the race Thursday, pulling away from the pack at one point before being bunched up again after a yellow flag.

On the final lap, Carter led for much of it, with Rollan and Wagner close behind. As they approach the final turn, Rollan moved ahead, before Wagner took the lead with a slick move inside. Then came a three-wide photo finish, with Rollan just barely edging out Carter and Wagner for the win. Carter finished 0.0001 second behind Rollan, and Wagner taking third.


It was all very exciting. Skip ahead to the 5:14 or so:

Rollan said after the race that he had no idea who had won as he drove the cooldown lap. From the MX-5 Cup website:

“To start things off, I had no radio,” Rollan said. “We [Michael Carter and Gresham Wagner] made a gap and we were all on board to make a gap and then we got the double yellow. I thought it was all going to be over and that it was going to be a crazy race to the finish. But luckily, we were able to bring that gap back after the restart.

“Once the white flag came out we were racing hard and I was able to get by Gresham (Wagner). I got by (Michael) Carter on the back straightaway. We all went deep into (Turn) 17 and I got a run on Gresham. Then, passing the start finish line I had no idea that Michael was even there or that we even won the race. So I went through that whole cool down lap not knowing where we finished.

Hats off again to the wildest racing series in America.