This Is How Desperate GM Thinks Saab Owners Are To Not Own Saabs

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Like a skeevy dude trying to pickup women at a wake, GM's decided to poach customers of the now dead Saab with a remarkably weak incentive offer. Oh, and did we mention the skeevy dude also helped murder the deceased?


It's not a great time to own Saab, what with your questionable warranty protection and plummeting resale value. GM's going to help cushion the fall by sending an incentive offer to roughly 70K Saab owners according to a dealership memo intercepted by Jalopnik.

Here's the offer:

Beginning January 4, 2012 and continuing through February 29, 2012, select General Motors SAAB customers are eligible for the SAAB Private Offer off the purchase or lease of new vehicles. Refer to program 12-40CR for official guidelines and vehicle eligibility.

SAAB Private Offer:
• $250 Chevy Equinox, Sonic, & Volt, GMC Terrain, & Buick Verano
• $500 all other Buick, Chevy and GMC vehicles
• $1,000 all Cadillacs, Chevy Corvette, Avalanche, Silverado, and GMC Sierra

Yeah, not great when you consider that for a GMC Terrain members of the National Association of Home Builders get twice that, conquest leases get four times that amount, and USAA members get three times the offer.

It's not easy being a Saab owner.


Ash78, voting early and often

Oh, wait, it's for a Terrain?

I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say it's uglier than the Aztek. Maybe not objectively, but when you consider the Aztek at least acknowledged its own funkiness, that counts for something. This thing is seriously posing as a semi-upscale crossover. It's a lot worse in person than in pictures.

Don't give me that "eye of the beholder" line, either. Squared-off wheelwells, a huge frontal hood area with a giant overhang, no ground clearance, sold under the truck brand. It's the ultimate in confused vehicles, even more so than the Jeep Compass or Patriot ever were.

I hope any Terrain owners out there will accept my apology. My apology is that I'm sorry the braille owners' manual is too big for the glovebox.