Saab kills all warranty coverage

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Saab owners will now feel the fallout from the Saab bankruptcy as the company announced it will cease warranty coverage for cars sold in North America. Everybody is getting börked. UPDATE!

The company issued the following statement to Automotive News, detailing what we'd feared would happen when we told you not to buy a Saab:

"[W]arranty coverage is suspended indefinitely for all new Saab vehicles sold. During this period, the warranty booklet must be removed from the owner information packet."


"For any vehicle sold or leased during this period, the customer should be affirmatively advised that the vehicle does not carry any warranty coverage and is sold 'as is.' "


The statement also says the company is suspending payment for any claims related to maintenance, new-car warranties, power train warranties, safety belts, airbags, towing, recalls, and basically anything that they'd have to pay for.

It's a bit murky how this will effect owners of cars built during GM's ownership, but the company advises consumers to save receipts. Since no one has committed to reimbursing those expenses said receipts are merely mementos of that one time you mistakenly purchased a new Saab.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for GM assures us that they'll cover cars that were marketed by GM:

"In the event Saab cannot or will not fulfill its obligations to administer the warranty programs with its U.S. and Canadian dealers through Saab Cars North America or otherwise, GM will take necessary steps to ensure that remaining warranty obligations on Saab vehicles marketed by GM in the United States and Canada will be honored."


These are primarily 2009 MY cars or older, with a few 2010 vehicles in Canada.

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The Artgineer

They should also clear current owners of new SAAB loans. I wouldn't mind losing the warranty on a brand new 9-5 if I don't need to do the payments anymore.

This also means sweet used SAABs for dirt cheap money in the next years.