Don't buy a Saab

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With news that Saab has finally declared bankruptcy and is now as close to being officially börked as it's ever been, many might question whether they should buy one of the more than 1,600 new Saabs for sale at dealerships across the United States. Should you? No. At least not yet. Here's why.


A quick search of the new inventory listed on shows 1,659 new Saabs for sale. Half of these cars (about 800) are the old Saab 9-3. Another 400 are the newer Saab 9-4x SUV. The rest are mostly the new Saab 9-5 and a few leftover or mislabeled 9-5x SUVs.

Are they collectibles? Most of the 9-3s are fairly disposable and the new 9-4s are interesting but still just crossovers. The 9-5 models are arguably the best version of GM's Epsilon platform and the only post-GM Saab product. It's also a limited-run car, but they may not be covered by warranty.

Owners of the pre-sale-to-Spyker cars will likely have their warranties picked up by GM, but there's no guarantee that the company will pick up post-sale cars. We're still waiting to see what GM says.

Our advice? Wait until you hear who — if anyone — will be picking up the warranties on the new Saab vehicles before you try to pick one up cheap in a post-bankruptcy sale.



Wow, I didn't even know Saab was making the 9-4x already. Probably because I haven't seen one.

I've only twice seen a new 9-5.