This Is A $1.3 Million Ferrari And $1 Million Is For The Wheels Alone

A Ferrari 458 selling for $290,000 on eBay isn't news. When you put $1,000,000 Vossen Precision Forged Wheels on it, then it becomes news.

Now, I'm not going to decree that a single set of wheels is worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That judgement is up to you, or rather up to the rich bastard who actually buys this Ferrari/wheel demonstration vehicle from Latitude Wheels. The listing itself is right here.


Since you are all familiar with a white 2011 Ferrari 458 with some carbon fiber bodykit pieces on it, let me go into slightly more depth on these wheels.

  • Manufacturer: Vossen Wheels
  • Designation: Precision Series
  • Location of Manufacture: America
  • Size Front: 21x9
  • Size Rear: 22x12
  • Number of inset diamonds: Zero
  • Weight of platinum and gold present: Zero
  • Blessings from the Pope: None

The car is listed in Miami, Florida.


Photo Credits: Vossen Wheels

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