This Honda NSX Will Make Your Nipples Explode With Delight

There are 22-year-old cars and then there is Honda’s ethereal NSX, still as mellow and brutal, as sleek and industrial as back in the day when Ayrton Senna was still around to contribute his magic to its chassis.

Until Honda’s meandering efforts to create a worthy successor bear gasoline/electric hybrid fruit, here’s Nino Karotta’s take on the old one. A red NSX with pop-up headlights filmed with loving care as it prowls the night streets of Budapest and tears up a racetrack in Slovakia—complete with a slab of pork belly and two giant bones in its trunk.


Don’t worry about all the Hungarian Wolverine weirdness. Just watch. I just did. It’s beautiful.

Video by OMG Visuals.

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2005 NSX was 290hp and has an abysmal 13.94 1/4 mile.

Priced at 90k new and is still worth >50k.

Even the NSX-T ran a low 13 at best.

People need to learn that the NSX is NOT a sports car. The regular NSX would be beat by a 3G Eclipse GT. The 2003 Eclipse GT and Acura NSX were on par with 1/4 mile times and weight yet the Eclipse made substantially less power and was fwd. I'm not advocating the Eclipse. I'm merely stating that the NSX was a joke from it's initial creation. It had a price tag on par with cars which outperformed it in every way. (Pretend it's 2003) Why not spend a little more money and buy a 911 Turbo which runs a mid 12 sec 1/4 mile? Even the Carrera was as fast as the NSX-T for >20k less than the regular 290hp NSX.

It's a pitiful car. Please stop posting articles about it.

And, for those of you who want to argue with me because it handled nicely, it's still outclassed in that department by a 20+yo Miata with a set of $999 coilovers ... The 3.2L 290hp NSX was only capable of 61mph in the slalom ... STOP thinking this car is something special ...