Acura NSX Concept: Detroit Auto Show Live Photos, Info

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Acura lifted the sheet off their new Acura NSX Concept and it's definitely a Tony Stark-esque all-wheel-drive hybrid. Just like we told you. It'll be designed in the United States, built in Ohio, and go on sale within three years.


Ask an enthusiast to picture the Acura NSX and their mind might be drawn to a well-dressed Ayrton Senna casually tossing the rear-wheel-drive sports car around in a pair of fine Italian loafers. It was a pure, simple sports car perfectly aligned with the Honda philosophy.


Where does this latest Acura NSX concept fit into that?

The company describes the two main traits as technologically-supported handling and environmental responsibility. Bully.

It's fitting that Tony Stark drives a convertible version of this car in the new Avengers movie. Stark's character seems to believe any deficiencies in matters of the soul can be obscured by great technology.

So what's the technology? A mid-engined V6 with the company's new SH-AWD system, which uses the gasoline engine to power the rear wheels and provide juice for the two electric motors mounted up front. Acura didn't explicitly say this and, when asked, wouldn't admit to anything until I pointed out the image on a tv screen showing basically that configuration.


After Acura's long slide into product mediocrity this might finally signal a reversal of fortunes for a once influential luxury brand.

Is an AWD hybrid Acura NSX better than no Acura NSX at all? Anything that's even remotely sporty is a revelation for a Honda product. This new Acura is also unimpeachably gorgeous (it's been a while since we said that about an Acura vehicle).


If it works and it's actually fun to drive when it finally debuts we'll fondly remember the NSX for what it was and cheer it for what it becomes. If not, we'll continue to pine for our long lost NSX.

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speedyexpress48 is in battle with Raising Heart

Ok guys, time to actually shed some light on some truth here and not just rumors, rewritten history and idiocy.

"Simple"-The original NSX was not a simple car at all for its time. And for those of you who just happen to complain about it as well, neither was the GT-R (tho at least it's more solid than the NSX argument). Both cars were known as tech wonders back then. Neither were anywhere close to easy to repair back in the day; technicians had to receive extra training to repair a NSX.

And let's not forget, people adapt to new tech. A stock 1990 NSX did not get any simpler during the 20 years of its existence. Instead, people learned how to fix them. This NSX will look like a easy to fix thing 20 years from now, probably less.

"Light"-Heavier than the original, I'll give you that, but Honda has not released weight figures of any kind yet.

"looks like a R8"-uh, they are both sleek coupes painted silver? I can see more Integra in there than R8, and I'm not even seeing much of that.

"hybrid"-Why not? Electric motors don't weigh much, and both power and efficiency are increased.

"AWD"-Yeah, this isn't a track car, it's a streetable sports car. And I really want to see how many of the complainers will be able to drive that RWD at its limits without losing control. AWD is used to handle power. 4 wheels beat two wheels any day.

"Too green"-..........................

Seriously guys, come on, this is a comeback for Honda, NSX whatever or not. It doesn't have to be a gutted 1000hp RWD deathtrap with 15MPG. Really, you guys complain about lack of new ideas, and when new ideas do come out you complain it isn't like the old days. Hell, you know, why don't we all go back to the days of Model Ts with handcranks that break your arm...